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The one composer whose music I connect with above all others is Franz Schubert. It is astounding how fresh Schubert’s music still sounds two hundred years after it was composed. There must have been a special light in his character that made it this way. The subtle and daring harmonic language, the sense of timelessness created by his long, winding forms, his endlessly endearing ability to find beauty in the midst of sadness – all this comes together in an expressive voice like no other.

I like to program Schubert alongside other composers who, like Schubert, went their own way and developed highly unique personal styles. Chopin, Ravel, Scriabin and Philip Glass are a few examples. In each of these composers we hear an expressive language unto itself, and a personality that draws us deeper and deeper into their inner world. When heard together on the same program, each one further accentuates the uniqueness of the other.

My programming choices are sometimes based on things I hear in the music that others may not, so I always speak from the stage in order to share my personal perspective and help people connect to the music I’m playing.

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