How I healed from a musician’s injury

bones-2029338_640Playing-related injuries are rampant in the classical music world. If you’re a performer and have never dealt with one, you’re an exception to the rule. Surveys of classical musicians typically come back with numbers like 50-80% having dealt with a playing-related injury at some point in their lives. When I’ve written and talked about my past injury, other pianists have come out of the woodwork asking for advice on how to deal with their own. Continue reading “How I healed from a musician’s injury”

What you hear is what you hear

I often find myself in conversations about classical music with people who know relatively little about it. I love when this happens. I appreciate the opportunity to communicate about what I do to someone outside the classical music bubble, and to hear their perspective.

There is pattern I notice in a lot of these conversations. Usually, the other person is pretty quick to mention that they don’t know much about classical music. If they do have a personal experience to relate, sometimes it takes reassurance from me in order to make them feel comfortable talking about it.

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